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Who We Are

Razzmic Consulting is your one-stop-solution for the best project management on-board. We specialize in offering project management services in varied segments incorporating large scale infrastructure, Supply-Chain Management Projects, Solar Energy, Agriculture, and Electronics & Infrastructure. Based out of India, our efficient project management team accurately coordinates, monitors, and manages your project from start to finish with the deployment of thoughtfully-curated processes, human resources and technology. Following an integrated approach for the implementation of your project’s activities, our dedicated team endeavors to complete your project within the defined timelines and stipulated budget. Putting our expertise and flexibility together, we create value for your project at every stage of the development cycle.

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Our Project Management Approach

Our Project Management Approach In the primitive stage of the project, we undertake a comprehensive feasibility assessment survey to locate all the key factors integral to the project’s feasibility at one place. We conduct a thorough survey of the site in focus to assess all possible outcomes of the project execution, on-site – be it environmental, social or economic. Our teams of consultants, project managers and engineers work in close alignment to deliver value-based service offerings to execute the project in close coordination with clients while adhering to project timelines, quality parameters and costs.

What our Client Says

Our company

Our consulting team commences project activities with precise information based research, planning and strategy design with top-quality and innovative implementation mechanisms. We offer comprehensive project management and consulting packages with an additional option of offering customized consulting services that comprise the use of our client’s resources on site. We are here to resolve all project-related challenges on your behalf and complete it within the asserted timelines and defined budgets.

General Questions

  • What Services Do We Provide?
    We offer end to end project management services based covering all stages from conceptualization to commissioning for solar energy, healthcare and infrastructure.
  • What Industry Verticals Do We Serve?
    We serve blue-chip corporate clientele spanning across aviation, logistics, supply chain, healthcare, renewable energy, utilities and heavy engineering.
  • What Project Management Capabilities Do We Offer?
    We offer technology, consulting, manpower and engineering capabilities through both onsite and offshore models.
  • What Corporate Philosophy Do We Adhere To?
    We offer turnkey solutions for comprehensive project management using an integrated model of services so that our clientele can address all requirements from a single vendor