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What Is Local Business Listing in Local SEO

Local business listing in local SEO plays a crucial role for your business in many ways (e.g. ranking, reputation & revenue).

Local Business Listing: Listing your business is the practice. In which you list your business along with the details (e.g. Business Name, Address and Contact Number) in search engines (e.g. Google*, Yahoo & Bing) and Websites (e.g. Yellow pages, Foursquare and Yelp). All these websites and search engines are really important platforms to get your business listed in them. Although there are hundreds of websites which provides local listing services. But listing on all those websites is a hectic and dull job. So, listing on few (i.e. Important and Top Rated) websites is a smart decision which increase your websites reviews on search engines.

Local Listing or Local SEO Is Important: Many times, people are looking for services, knowledge, contact details, address, etc. or they may need to check operating hours of your business or any new business nearby their location. In this case, Local Business Listing or Local SEO helps the search engines and provide the details what the person is looking for.

Local Listing for Business: Local listing is crucial activity in digital marketing (i.e. Off-Page SEO) and creating local listing is not optional now a day its important. It gives instant and frequent visibility for your business. Local SEO enhances your business online presence on major search engines and business listing sites.

Online Marketing: Marketing a demand for all businesses. Few years back, local business owners have multiple choices for the publicity of their business, few of them are, local newspaper advertisement, Yellow Pages Inclusion, brochers & pemplates, print marketing, etc. All these options are still working successfully but internet marketing is now a demand for every business for every business.

What You Need for Local Listing?

  1. Business Name
  2. Address
  3. Contact Number ( i.e. Landline & Mobile )
  4. Website URL
  5. Category

  Note: Google refers to its local business listing platform as Google Business.

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