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Project Description

At Razzmic Consulting, we undertake the implementation of project management for the industry vertical of electronics including aspects like careful scrutiny, planning, performance analysis and analysis of product requirement specifications. We start off with every project inr the electronics industry vertical by following our pre-defined milestones to achieve the best results. We cater to both domestic and international clients hailing from the electronics industry and this requires specializations and thorough industry knowledge. Our project managers are greatly experienced in the respective fields to deliver the desired project outcomes.

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Execution of a project in an effective manner requires handling all the stages of developments in a definitive manner without skipping any of the steps. Small and mid-sized projects related to electronics industry often encounter challenges related to complexities in supply-chain management, warranty and service management, shorter life-cycle of the products, sustainability issues. An effective strategy applied by smart project management schemes on board resolves these challenges in a seamless manner.


At Razzmic Consulting, we take all the necessary steps to design, build and deliver technological offerings. Our services include evaluation, product specification, design, implementation, functional testing, compliance testing, and manufacture. With our high-end consulting, we endeavor to guide our clients to create a professional and practical project management plan. Any kind of design issues is effectively handled by third-party specialists such as industrial designers, mechanical engineers or materials scientists. We follow an industry-based approach to executing our project methodologies that comprise requirements analysis, proposal, requirements specification, concept design, detailed design, prototyping, and manufacture.