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Energy & Environment


Project Description

At Razzmic Consulting, we offer comprehensive project management to clientele for the industry vertical of energy and environment. Our project management is aimed at catering to all requirements of feasibility study, pilot project, development and deployment of technology based solutions, testing and operation of projects in the energy and environment space. Integrating state of the art technology, research and analysis and the latest in technical innovation, we develop cost effective solutions that have a sustainable impact on the environment while creating economic value for stakeholders that are directly and indirectly involved.

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In conducting feasibility analysis and running pilot projects prior to scaling up a project for the energy and environment vertical, we make objective assessments of the factors affecting the risk profile of the project. Our goal at Razzmic Consulting is to curtail the environmental challenges at present related to carbon emissions, pollution, global warming, deforestation, waste disposal and loss of Biodiversity. At Razzmic Consulting, our primary goal is to work in coordination with following all the environmental standards to offer minimum to zero environmental impact with our project management activities.


At Razzmic Consulting, we offer best in class solutions that are aimed at integrating the metrics of economic and technical efficiencies to create favourable business impact. Our project management capabilities are deployed to resolve real world business challenges of environment like carbon emissions, carbon footprint and wasre recycling and management. Our project management experts take out a comprehensive feasible assessment survey at the projected locations to check for any kind of environmental repercussions with project operations. We guide our clients throughout the project duration over the environmental impact of the activities and leverage smart eco-friendly technology while executing our operations.