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Project Description

Offering logistics operations for large scale project management requires fo to supply the particular product or service at the right place, at a particular time, within a defined price and in the right condition. For a business enterprise to excel the expectation of its existing and prospective clients, it is necessary for it to complete all these logistics operations in an apt manner.

  • Challenge
  • Solution

There are instances where the link gets broken between the receiving party and the medium of supplying during the logistics operation. Better communication and coordination are always important to establish a smooth connection between all the parties involved in the logistics business operations. A web of a network between the project management, document management, and web content management play a critical role to bring out successful results.


At Razzmic Consulting, we effectively carry out the purchasing, planning, coordination, transportation, warehousing, distribution and customer service for our clients. We cater to varied groups of industry verticals ranging from small-scale business to established brands. Our team of expert project managers handles large scale warehousing and distribution projects, bulk operations, Heavy Lift cargo moves, complex long term over dimensional trucking and trans-loading projects internationally.